Youth Homeless in Australia

In Australia, youth homelessness affects over 32,000 people. Youth homelessness is considered anyone who is between 12 to 24 years of age and do not have a physical address or place to stay.

The people most affected by youth homelessness are of the ages between 12 and 18. It is also more likely for an indigenous person to be homeless.


Homelessness – the problem

One of the biggest problems affecting a large number of the youth in Australia is homelessness. It is a problem that is barely visible but is an ongoing problem for thousands.

People are homeless due to a number of reasons. These reasons can be due to issues in the family home or conflict between family members, issues with drug abuse, mental health problems or even long term employment.

When a person becomes homeless, they have to find anyway they can to get shelter and this could mean living in extremely harsh conditions, especially during the cold winter.

Once a person is homeless, it becomes difficult for the person to find a permanent home again without the proper support from society. It is in everyone’s best interest to help these people through the difficult times.


The Iconic grows strong

One of the success stories of internet retailing in Australia is the amazing rise of online fashion retailer, The Iconic. The Iconic has been able to achieve an astronomical rise hardly seen anywhere else in the world. The company has been operating for only a couple of years and in this time has attracted worldwide attention from investment firms around the world.

Firstly it was JP Morgan who made an initial investment of nearly $20 million dollars in September last year. This investment helped The Iconic achieve profitability.

Following this is news last month that another international investment firm has seen huge potential in the company and has decided to invest. The investment firm is Summit Partners who have made a massive investment in the company of $25 million dollars via it’s German holding company, Rocket Internet.

This new investment will be used by The Iconic to increase their expansion and consolidate it’s brand.

The Iconic offer consumers one of the biggest selections of clothing online as well as great customer support and returns policy. They also offer great prices and even better prices when you make use of a Iconic coupon.

Michael Dell sets out his plan for Dell

Michael Dell has spoken out about how he plans to move Dell forward if he was to be successful in taking the company that he founded all those years ago private.

Michael Dell released a special memo to Dell employees and also filed it with the Securities and exchange commission. In this letter he states that his vision is to invest in the company for growth and seek out new markets in which he would compete as aggressively as possible.

Michael Dell plans to focus more on maximising the revenue and cash flow growth of the company rather than trying to maximise gross margins which is what is occurring now.

An independent panel set up by Dell has been created to asses competing offers to the one on the table from Michael Dell. Michael Dell’s offer values the company at $24.4 billion US dollars. Two other offers have reportedly trumped his offer however specific details of those two offers are yet to be released.

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Look your best when wearing glasses

If you want to look your best when wearing glasses then make sure you follow some simple but effective rules to picking the perfect glasses frame for your face shape.

You can actually quite simply match the right frame type to your face shape which will ensure the glasses enhance your features and compliment your face shape.

Before selecting the shape of the frame, you should make sure you pick frames that enhance your strong features such as eye colour. For example, if you have blue eyes, then maybe select frames that are blue. This colour selection will really accentuate your features.

When it comes to your face shape, if you have a round face then make sure you pick glasses that are narrow in shape. This helps make your face appear thinner and longer to balance out your round face.

If your face is oval then to balance it out pick out frames that are wide and not frames that are too narrow.

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Fiji, an island paradise

One of the most popular holiday destinations for Australians is the beautiful Fiji.

Fiji is a great place to travel due to the beautiful climate, affordable accommodation and proximity to Australia. You can purchase accommodation for Fiji through websites such as Expedia and if you have an Expedia coupon you can often get a really good deal. Fiji is made up of over 320 islands and there is a total of 50 resorts available to choose from.

The two largest and most popular islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, and most of the resorts are concentrated on these two islands. The sort of activities that you can get up to when you go to Fiji is water activities such as snorkeling, para-sailing and diving. You can also take a cruise around the beautiful islands.

The weather in Fiji is usually ranging between 26 to 31 degrees and the water is always a perfect temperature for swimming. The wet season is from December to March and is the less popular time to travel.


New York – A city you must see at least once

One of the best places to visit in the world is the famous US city of New York.

New York is a city that has a rich history and amazing story to go with it. The city was originally called New Netherland by the Dutch. New York City was originally called New Amsterdam. George Washington was the first to call New York the Empire State because he believed that the city would become the seat of the empire.

In terms of population, New York is the third most populated city in the US and geography wise, it has Canada to the north Connecticut and Vermont to the east and Pennsylvania to the south. There is a river that run’s through the city called The Hudson river and this river separates New York and New Jersey.

The best things to see in New York is obviously the city but there is also Niagra Falls and Mount Marcey.

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The beauty of the Whitsunday Islands

One of Australia’s beauty spots is a series of islands called The Whitsunday Islands located off the coast of Queensland in Australia. The Islands are located north of Brisbane, approximately 900 kilometres and is close to the town of Mackay.

The most popular island in the group and also it’s commercial center is called Hamilton Island. The Whitsunday Islands are one of Australia’s most popular tropical tourist spots and is known for being among the most popular yachting locations in the world. Every year the Islands receive close to a million visitors however this has dropped off due to the high Australian dollar which has hurt tourism all around the country.

Sailing holidays are by far the most popular reason for going to the Whitsundays. There are a huge range of things for people to see whilst yachting and many people either hire a boat or take a charter around the islands.

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How contact lens are produced

Contact lens are a popular choice for those that wear glasses but like to play sports or prefer the look of not having to wear glasses. They are increasing in popularity and stores are popping online like Clearly Contacts, which sell them at extremely cheap prices, especially when they offer a Cleary Contacts coupon.

The way that they are produced is dependent on the type of contact lens.

Soft contact lenses are made from plastic hydrophilic polymers call hydrogels. These polymers have a property which make them absorb water. By absorbing water, the lenses become soft and pliable. They are made by either a lathe cutting process or by a method of injection moulding.

If they are made by lathe cutting, then the contact lens material is placed onto a computer powered lathe which shapes them as required. If they are made with an injection mould, then the plastic is heated up to a temperature and then placed into a mould.


Confidence hurt by the US government

Results for sales during the US holiday period are in and it looks like it was another down year with sales rising only 0.7%. This compares with a rise of 2% during the same period last year. The sales figures are based on both in store purchasing as well as online sales.

The main attributing factor to this slowdown is the uncertainty surrounding the so called ‘Fiscal Cliff’ which the US is approaching at the start of 2013. Should an agreement not be reached by the policy makers before this date, then automatic spending cuts and tax hikes will take affect.

This means people in all tax brackets will see less money in their pay packets as the current tax cuts expire. There will also be huge cuts across government departments which will be difficult to manage for those implicated.

The holiday sales were already disrupted a great deal by Hurricane Sandy which meant that those wanting to shop couldn’t.

In Australia, retail sales had a late surge however online stores still seem to be performing extremely well. Stores like Styletread are leading the market with great offers and their Styletread coupon.



Australian internet retailers fire up early

The advantage of being an internet retailer is that you never need to close and hence you can have a sale at anytime you wish. This is what Australian online retailers are doing now with many firing up their boxing day sales early.

Many shoppers who cannot get access to stores which are closed can now go online and shop to their hearts content at stores that want to take advantage of the sales.

The big department stores are getting in on the act with Dick Smith and Myers starting their sales at 6pm and 9pm respectively.

The fight for the online dollar is heating up in Australia. Giant international retailers such as ASOS are making their move on the Australian market.

Stores like Zanui in Australia are also doing well. They often provide a Zanui coupon with help the company attract customers to their online store.


Vodafone melts down in Melbourne’s heat

The heat wave that ripped through Melbourne has contributed to the headache that Vodafone has been experiencing in Australia. The heat seemed to have caused the outage for many Vodafone customers Australia wide.

It also adds to the perception that the Vodafone network is highly unreliable.

In a statement, the company attributed the problems to an air conditioning fault at their Tullamarine switch at around 7.45pm. This problem caused disruptions to 15 percent of their voice calls nation wide.

Technicians were on site immediately and more were sent to sort out the issue. The problem also affect other people trying to contact Vodafone mobile phones.

The problem persisted for a few hours and Vodafone stated that it got things up and running at about 11.45PM.

Vodafone has had a bad run of issues over the past few years which has seen them shed hundres of thousands of customers. To stem the flow, they have had to offer excellent deals on plans as well as enticing customers with a Vodafone promo code.

How moisturisers help your skin

Moisturisers are combinations of chemicals that come together to help moisture the external layers of the skin. Moisturing the external layers of the skin makes it softer and smoother. The purpose of moisturisers are to increase the amount of water in the skin by reducing the amount of evaporation that occurs.

The skin does produce it’s own moisturisers in the form of naturally occurring lipids and sterols. The actions of these chemicals are often simulated in the creation of moisturisers.

There are, in fact, two ways in which moisturisers work.

The first method is by behaving as a Occlusive. An Occlusive works by creating a film on the surface of the skin to help stop the loss of moisture in the skin.

The second way is by acting as a Humectants which attracts moisture to the skin.

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Australia’s fast growing tech companies

The Australian technology scene is booming with Australia starting to really move and shake in the technology and online space.

Every year, Deloitte compiles a list of the Fast 50 rapidly growing Australian IT, communications, biotech, components and hardware companies.

The company that they named the fastest growing technology company last year was Anittel. Anittel was able to achieve revenue growth of 1000% over the preceding 3 years. The company also is one of only eight technology companies that have been able to achieve revenue of over fifty million dollars. The other five that have achieved this is iiNet, M2 Telecom, Energy Matters, Catch of the Day, iSelect, Aussie Farmers Direct, and Atlassian Corporation.

A majority of the companies in the top 50 are based in Victoria. The only one that is based in Queensland is SurfStitch which has achieved amazing growth for an online clothing retailer. They have employed a strategy of providing a great service and frequent availability of a Surfstitch promo code.

NASA has denied the end of the world is nigh

The US government’s space agency has had to deny that there is an apocalypse heading our way after being inundated with queries by the public requesting information.

NASA has been completely flooded (not literally) by calls and emails from the public asking about more information about the validity behind the end of the world occurring on the 21st December 2012. NASA has reported that they receive about 90 calls and emails a week from the public usually however this week, its up to 200 to 300 a day. This has obviously put a big strain on the organisation and they are looking to limit this as much as possible but clarifying publicly that an apocalypse is NOT coming.

The end of the world theories have been around since the beginning of time and this is just the latest prediction.

The sorts of questions that are being asked of NASA include questioning whether their is a rogue planet ready to crash into earth.